How governments can manage covid19 cases ? — Part 1

With growing number of covid19 cases everywhere in the world, governments have no clue how to manage ever-growing data .

Right now governments all over the world are struggling to find right kind of software to tackle the pandemic.

In this post , I will try to demonstrate , how existing apps like Trello, can be used to manage this data. If you want to skip reading, you can straight away jump to the video tutorial.

Here are the key points discussed in this blog.

  1. Visibility of data to approved stake holders only
  2. Easily navigable list of people in a city/district, who have been quarantined,active, recovered,deceased etc.
  3. Recording of common info of patients like — name , contact details,demographics,current status.
  4. Collaboration between governments and hospitals.

Step 1 — Create a Board

Login to Trello.

Once logged in, you will see your dashboard. Click Create new board as shown below

Click on “Create new board”
Let us name our newly created board as “West Delhi”

Step 2 — Create lists

Once board is created, you may see the Add List

Let us create 3lists, for our patients. The list names can be “Active”, “Recovered”, “Deceased”.

Step 3 — Lets add Patient Data

Lets add our first patient data under “Active” list. Click on the button saying “Add a card” under Active list.

“Add a card” under Active list

Suppose our patient code is DL-P2, we create a card named DL-P2 . Click Add Card to confirm creation of the card for the patient.

Now , let us add more details of the patient. Click on the name DL-P2, to open a dialogue for entering other details.

Enter all the relevant details in the Description field, so that other officers,doctors can see the data.

If this patient is under observation till some date, add a Due Date, by clicking Due Date.

Attach relevant diagnostic reports, by clicking Attachment.

Add a due date for this card to be closed.

Invite other team members , police officers, doctors into your board by clicking the “Invite” button.

This way trello can help manage patient data internally, within the government control itself.

Trello API

Trello APIs be used to further analyze the patient data and draw trends and analytics.

Part 2 — coming soon

Part 2 of this blog will teach us how to add custom field entries to your patient cards. This will help to easily manage data like name, contact, location, assigned doctor for a patient.

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