They make you believe that one day you are going to die, and your mind achieves what it believes. Believe me.

Time is the natural currency .

We use time , the ultimate natural currency, to exchange core assets belonging to human existence outside the nature’s foodchain — in a system we call as — Capitalism.

Read on to understand it deeper.

First let’s understand the assets we have as human beings at the bottom most level.

  1. Evaluating your tech options is not timeboxed.
  2. Experimenting to learn, learning things on the job.
  3. Not shipping working code fast
  4. Writing throwaway code- if you donot scale you will not refactor it, if you scale you wont have time to refactor. So maintain a minimum code quality.
  5. Over generalization
  6. Trying to create information without data — you end up making a lot of assumptions. Solution — Feedback loop, Analytics, Crash reporting, Performance monitoring.
  7. Not utilizing tools — firebase, google analytics.
  8. Reinventing the wheel.
  9. (mis)use ML/AL — “Machine learning is NOT that part of the algorithm which a startup hasn’t figured out how to solve(yet)”
  10. Trying to scale permaturely
  11. Ignoring help around you from the community.

Initiate master

sudo docker swarm init 

join workers

sudo docker swarm join — token <token>

after that list your nodes

sudo docker node ls

Inspect your nodes

sudo docker node inspect <node_id>

Assign labels to ur nodes

docker node update --label-add mongo.replica=1 $(docker node ls -q -f name=manager1)

Create volumes

Step One — Root Login


Step Two — Create a New User

adduser demo

No need to enter user details, just name is enough

Step Three — Root Privileges

gpasswd -a demo sudo

Step Four — Add Public Key Authentication

generate a local ssh key and add it to .ssh/authourized_keys

On the server, as the root user, enter the following command to switch to the new user (substitute your own user name):

$ su — demo
$ mkdir .ssh
$ chmod 700 .ssh
$ vim .ssh/authorized_keys

Now insert your public key (which should be in your clipboard) by pasting it into the editor.

chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

Step Five — Configure SSH Daemon

$ vim /etc/ssh/sshd_configPermitRootLogin no //(was yes)$ service ssh restart

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